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Remember, please sign up with a State Census Coordinator before beginning a transcription.


The CART program is available for the following years. If you will be transcribing for other years, templates are available. Column names and field sizes for census by year:

1850 1860 1870

1. CART Download

Install Option (A) (Full Version)
For original installation, install the update on top of this version
Click to download: cart101a.exe.

Install Option (B) (Update Version)
Click to download: caru101b.exe.

Install Option (C) (Four Files to create a set of diskettes)
Click to download: c101ad1.exe.
Click to download: c101ad2.exe.
Click to download: c101ad3.exe.
Click to download: c101ad4.exe.

2. CART Instructions

3. CART Support

4. CART HTML output Sample

Common areas in which support is needed:


Instructions (includes installation)

Usage FAQ

For any questions you have, we suggest that you join the CART Support Mailing List.

CART was designed and developed by the USGenWeb Free Census Project to assist its volunteers in transcribing the census.

When transcribing the census, MAKE A BACKUP COPY!

Census Project since 1997

A Gift of the Past for the Future! Started in February, 1997, The USGenWeb Free Census Project is an all-volunteer project to transcribe census records in a standard format in order to make them available to genealogical researchers on the Internet.

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